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Ghosting: A Haunting Trend in Hiring

Want to hear a scary statistic? Over 47 percent of applicants who have sent in their resume are still waiting to hear back from the company two months later. Many applicants are ghosted by companies after they’ve been through one (or, the horror, several!) rounds of interviews. Ghosting is a term borrowed from the dating […]

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Provide the reasons to say Yes, to Stay or to Come Back.

In order to draw and keep skilled workers, employers need to seek — and continue to seek — insights about changing expectations.  Take action to become an employer of choice: Revisit your pay levels and health benefit program to ensure they’re competitive. Consider increasing your bonus and incentive offerings, thinking beyond the traditional. Build Career Paths […]

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Four Day Work Week Movement

The pandemic ushered in a new era of workplace flexibility, sparking conversations about a four-day work week!  Now more than ever, a work-life balance is necessary for our mental health!  A four-day work week is better for people, business, and society. One organization found that 63% of businesses declared it easier to attract and retain […]

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Virtual Recruiting and Hiring – Here to stay?

A hiring process that combines virtual and in-person processes will become increasingly standard due to the associated cost and time savings to the employer.   It is observed that job interviews will largely continue to be conducted virtually even for businesses resuming in-person operations, virtual and automated interviews will instead replace many in-person touchpoints, helping […]

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4 Hot Jobs in Wellness to Look For

There are currently huge opportunities in the mental health field. Check out these red-hot jobs.

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