4 Hot Jobs in Wellness to Look For

One in four adults suffers from mental illness in any given year. While that in itself is a sobering fact, even more disturbing is that there simply aren’t enough mental health resources to go around – meaning those who need help often fail to get it.  We want you to become a shining light for someone battling the darkness of mental illness.  From direct patient care and one-on-one counseling, to research-driven psychology, there are abundant opportunities to provide valuable care to those suffering from mental disorders. 25% of Americans will deal with mental illness this year.  Mental illness is so common that mood disorders are the third-most common cause of hospitalization for 18- to 44-year olds.

The following are Hot Jobs and available right now!
Mental Health Counselor/Therapist

Work with patients to help them deal with mental health problems, such as depression, grief, anxiety, and more.  Counselors/Therapist diagnoses and treats patients and work with individuals, families, groups, and children.

Addictions Counselor

Specialized mental health counselors who treat patients in individual or group settings in order to identify issues and work out treatment plans.

Clinical Psychologist/Mental Health Psychiatrist

Clinical – Diagnose and treat those suffering from mental or behavioral disorders. Trained in multiple treatments, including behavioral therapy, humanistic therapy, and psychotherapy.  Some conduct research to better understand behavioral and psychological phenomena.
Mental Health – Diagnose and treat patients suffering from emotional and behavioral health problems and can prescribe drugs to treat mental health problems.

LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker)

Specializes in helping those individuals with mental health problems that affect their everyday lives.  They don’t generally diagnose patients or administer treatment, but instead provide information and support to help patients manage their mental health problems.

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