Virtual Recruiting and Hiring – Here to stay?

A hiring process that combines virtual and in-person processes will become increasingly standard due to the associated cost and time savings to the employer.   It is observed that job interviews will largely continue to be conducted virtually even for businesses resuming in-person operations, virtual and automated interviews will instead replace many in-person touchpoints, helping to accelerate timelines while also providing a critical layer of safety as we continue to observe social distancing rules.  

Virtual recruiting in 2020 helped organizations streamline recruiting processes, improve diversity hiring and hire better talent by reaching across geographic barriers.  Virtual recruiting has earned its place in the ongoing talent acquisition strategies of nearly every industry across the country, and employers will continue to use virtual recruiting alongside more-traditional in-person recruiting and interviewing once it’s safe to meet with candidates face to face again.  Some say that we humans are a social species and ultimately need that direct, in-person contact and connection with one another.

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