Virtual Interviewing in today’s climate

At Wellness Health Careers we recognize that HR Managers and/or Team Leaders are having to find new ways of interviewing credentialed candidates so we have some virtual interviewing techniques to share that will enable you to make great hiring decisions!

How can video assist your interview process?

Provides efficiency:  Video is efficient and convenient for both the interviewer and interviewee. Busy candidates can easily schedule and attend video interviews during their day while busy hiring managers can quickly set up and conduct interviews while maintaining compliance with COVID-19 outbreak.

Streamlines your interview process:  One suggestions is to send out interview questions en masse and have candidates record their answers. Recorded or pre-recorded videos can be shared among teams, enhancing decisions during the hiring process.  (Sparkhire is a great tool for prescreen questionnaire videos).  Team leaders can review responses on their own time, which helps avoid scheduling issues.  Pre-recorded video interviews also level the playing field since candidates are consistently provided with the same questions and are given the same time period to respond.

Video Interview Tips:  In order to simplify the process for candidates and to receive more consistent results, provide interviewees with a set of tips along with their interview instructions. Make sure candidates have all the basics about how to technically complete the interview, which could include instructions for how to turn on video and audio (provide your IT Mgr’s contact information in the event a candidate needs technical assistance). Screenshots can help, too. Also share interview tips to ensure candidates do their best.

Consider tips such as:  setting up your computer in a quiet, well-lit room; always wear professional clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident; prepare responses to commonly asked questions; be personable! smile, sound enthusiastic, and laugh sometimes!  (It’s okay to have laughter in an interview!); share who you are in addition to what is on your resume (hiring managers want to get to know you!); be prepared to ask questions about the company, it’s initiatives and challenges.


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