Tips for a Successful Resume

Most important  – Make sure your CV is up-to-date.  One of the biggest mistakes we see when reviewing a resume is that it is not up-to-date.  Accuracy is everything; have a neutral party read over it to ensure there are no typos or other mistakes.

Always summarize your unique value!  A resume should begin with a Summary (or, if you’re a new grad, or making a career change have an Objective). Use this area of your resume to tell employers who you are and how your skills and qualifications meet their needs.

We recommend keeping your CV to two pages, otherwise it might not get read.  We live in a very busy world, and a hiring manager wants to capture the necessary information within a quick read; if they like what they see at a glance, they will thoroughly review your resume.

Print several hard copies for interviews and networking; you never know who you might see.  Network everywhere you go, and hand out your resume.

Account for any gaps in your work history. You will be asked.

Please note your education; we often have to ask a candidate about their education.  If we have to ask, so will those interviewing you.

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