3 Tips for the Best Interview

At Wellness Health Careers we often identify the credentialed candidate (you!) but then discover they haven’t been in the job search mode for a very long time. They feel lost and actually intimidated by the interview process!  We offer interview workshops to prepare you for the interview to ensure you are selected for the role.

Here are some top interview tips for you:

Don’t assume your skills and past experience speak for themselves. You will have to sell yourself to the employer. You should have two questions ready to ask that are intelligent—and relevant—to the role (when wrapping up the interview process, the interview team will ask whether you have any questions). Keep in mind that you are there to find out about the role as much as they are there wanting to learn about you.

Today, many interviews are being done via a video system such as Skype. You still want to dress appropriately, in business attire. Clothing that is too relaxed or to flashy may send the wrong message to those interviewing you.  Always do a “practice run” with the video equipment on your computer or laptop and check your background before the interview.  The team at Wellness Health Careers will gladly do a “practice run” with you!

Do your homework about the company so you can inquire specifically and intelligently when asking your questions.  Then be ready to answer these questions, because while they may appear “old school,” they will almost always be asked:

Why do you want to join us?

What do you bring to our team?

What are your strengths?

What are your weaknesses?  (Nobody likes this one which is why it is always asked). This one can be tough.  Always turn your weakness into a positive when answering.

And finally, if interviewing in person please be courteous to everyone, from the receptionist to the administrative staff, mid-level providers, technicians — every individual with whom you come in contact. Their feedback is often important, and will be solicited by the decision makers.

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